Notes below are for a WebDAV implementation which was never contributed to core and is no longer maintained. Happily, there is now a WebDAV implementation in the main Tiki code base

TikiDav present all kind of Tiki resources (wiki pages, image gals, file gals, blogs...) through WebDav protocol.


(TikiDav seems not to be working yet with OOo 2, unluckily, but it does with OOo 1.1.x).


TikiDav 0.3

  • Solved problems with OOo2
  • Removed Litmus test

TikiDav 0.2 features:

  • Tiki user validation
  • Tiki categories as repository folders
  • Only access to wiki pages
  • Read-only access to the user calendar
  • Tiki Categories as repository folder structure
  • Wiki pages,Blogs, and Articles as files in the repository
  • Locking of Tiki resources (different from wiki pages locks)
  • User access control to the webdav operations and information (Categories and wikipages)
  • Properties for Tiki resources
  • Read-only access to user calendar (csv format)
  • Wiki-to-DocBook and DocBook-to-Wiki conversion
  • Wiki-to-OpenOffice and OpenOffice-to-Wiki (WYSIWYG) conversion
  • A mods.tiki.org project: http://mods.tiki.org/project30


  1. Enable PHP 4 XSLT support with sablotron (http://www.gingerall.com/charlie/ga/xml/x_sabphp.xml?s=org)
  2. Unzip TikiDav at your root Tiki directory
  3. For apache web server, modify or create an .htaccess file at Tiki directory and add this lines:
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    order deny,allow allow from all

    this allow client request methods GET,POST,PUT,DELETE.
  4. Create TikiDav tables for locking and properties, using the script createTables.sql (MySQL Version), run the scripts on your Tiki Database.
  5. Enable tiki categories and create some categorized pages
  6. Test your webdav connection with a webdav client (DAvExplorer, MS Explorer, OpenOffice...) connecting to http://yourserver/tikidir/tikidav.php

More info at http://www.escire.com (broken link): http://doc.tiki.org/Mod+TikiDav


  • User access control for Articles and blogs
  • Move all kind of resources
  • Error control
  • Problems with GET request for a categorie (OOo 1.1.3 on linux)
  • Wiki-to-OOo and OOo-to-Wiki bugs
  • Change use of ziplib.php

TikiDav 0.2 Prototype at:
User: test/test (read-only permissions)

OpenOffice transformation is not supported in prototype.

You need a WebDav client to access the Url of TikiDav (OpenOffice, MS Explorer, DAVExplorer...), WebDav clients help page only spanish version for the moment.

The Tiki page testTikiDav can be viewed and modified through Webdav using the url:


It would be great to see the Tiki Feature to import/export to/from OpenOffice Writer (Btw, the new OOo 2.0 seems to use a new format called OASYS, a standard format that will be the same for KWrite and others...).

  • OOo to Wiki -> Could these be achieved by modifying the WordToWiki macro, or something similar? (I'm not coder, I don't know if possible...). Then the info saved as a wiki page in a normal Wiki or through TikiDav feature. Xavi
  • Wiki to OOo -> There seems to be a very nice bunch of php classes being developed (already functional, v0.3) at: http://phpdocwriter.sourceforge.net. This would be great if anybody could include them as a new feature in Tiki!


Javier Reyes

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