TikiFest Virtual 2021 Summer Workshops

 Summer Workshops Postponed Indefinitely
Due to presenters' conflicting obligations, and relatively few topics being suggested, the decision was made to postpone the workshops until a later date, not yet determined. Sorry for the change in plans, but we'll try again as soon as there are enough volunteers for organizing it and for presenting workshops. In the meantime, if there is a topic you would like to see a presentation on, or a workshop/discussion you would like to participate in, please edit the page to add it to the list, for future reference. If you are interested in helping make it happen, don't hesitate to volunteer on the forums or mailing lists.

What kind of presentation would Tiki users like to see at a TikiFest? The workshops and presentations for TikiFest Virtual 2021 have already been planned — on Vue.js, translation, and other topics — but we want to know what else people would like to have presentations on at the upcoming TikiFest Virtual 2021 Summer Workshops — dates to be announced).

Please edit this page to add your ideas. Hopefully someone in the community can fulfill the request and put together a presentation or lead a discussion.

Presentation Topic Requests

Requested Topic Who volunteers to do it? Notes
Converting a WordPress theme to use with Tiki @Gary Cunningham-Lee Torsten suggested this topic at the April Roundtable meeting and Gary agreed it's a good topic and will present some information.
Cascading Trackers using pluginLIST Jyhem @Jean-Marc Libs suggested this topic at the April Roundtable meeting

TikiFest Virtual 2021 Session Follow-up

  • A tracker will be made for easier input of requests, etc.
  • This page will get a Convene plugin for deciding the exact date and time.
  • We will decide on deadlines for request submissions and acceptances, etc.
  • The recording of this session is coming soon.


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