TikiFest Virtual 2021 Summer Workshops

What kind of presentation would Tiki users like to see at a TikiFest? The workshops and presentations for TikiFest Virtual 2021 have already been planned — on Vue.js, translation, and other topics — but we want to know what else people would like to have presentations on at the upcoming TikiFest Virtual 2021 Summer Workshops — dates to be announced).

Please edit this page to add your ideas. Hopefully someone in the community can fulfill the request and put together a presentation or lead a discussion.

Presentation Topic Requests

Requested Topic Who volunteers to do it? Notes
Converting a WordPress theme to use with Tiki Torsten Fabricius ☺️ Torsten suggested this topic at the April Roundtable meeting and Gary agreed it's a good topic and will present some information.
Cascading Trackers using pluginLIST Jyhem Jean-Marc Libs suggested this topic at the April Roundtable meeting

TikiFest Virtual 2021 Session Follow-up

  • A tracker will be made for easier input of requests, etc.
  • This page will get a Convene plugin for deciding the exact date and time.
  • We will decide on deadlines for request submissions and acceptances, etc.
  • The recording of this session is coming soon.


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