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Pictures !

1.2. Media !

1.3. What ?

A tradition in the TikiWiki community, a TikiFest is when there is a meeting between at least 2 TikiWiki contributors that don't usually meet. This is an opportunity, usually, to drink adult beverages, get some laptops out and code wildly in group sessions and/or discuss about wiki technology and culture, etc. depending the mood and context. It is a great opportunity for Tiki users and Tiki power users to meet some of the developers and learn more stuff :-)

1.4. Why ?

Workspace is one our of biggest development projects. It affects Tiki in many places. Workspaces are essential for Social Networking and many other use cases. We need to make sure we have sufficient brainpower on this and sufficient consensus (because some changes will be quite important).

Read the conclusions from the Audioconference on skype about the Workspaces (July 9th, 2009)

1.5. When ?

Confirmed: Friday July 31th to Sunday August 9th 2009 (10 days long) the longest TikiFest ever!

It spans over two week-ends. We expect that many people may only be able to come on one week-end (which is fine!)

1.6. Where ?

Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).

1.6.1. Logistics

TikiHouse vs TikiOffice
We rented a house and we'll live there for the duration. This is what we call the TikiHouse. Since we ended up being many people expected to attend the tiki fest (such a success! biggrin ), we might need for living (sleeping mattresses, etc.) some of the space initially foreseen to be used for work. So that we are in process of getting a new place for work, the "TikiOffice" . Accomodation

For more information see: http://tikiwiki.org/TikiFestBarcelona Poblenou - Llull: An old-fashioned flat but very big and very close to the sea front ;-)
Llull 188, 1r 3a. (next to Rambla de Poblenou). "Metro" (Underground): Line 4 (yellow), station "Poblenou".
Phone. +34 93 3569113 .


  • 100 m2
  • Rooms: 1 doublebed room + 3 single beds + space for many mattresses on the floor if needed (100 m2!)
  • 15 min far on foot from the sea :-) (if anybody want to escape from the TikiFest of refresh the ideas under sea water ;-)
  • 5 min far on foot to public transportation (underground) to go anywhere else in the city
  • very affordable price (the cheapest from all options evaluated during many weeks), which left more money to hire extra coders.
  • living room with a big table for group meetings, and big white wall for beamer projection, if needed
  • no air conditioning because it's not needed in that flat under normal conditions: it's in a narrow shadowed street with very good natural ventilation along the flat (Xavi went there in person in July to check that this is true). In case we face extremely hot and humid weather forecast with no air flow, we'll add some portable air-conditioning to the flat (prices already agreed with the available budget). But it might not be needed if normal weather conditions happen, for what I've seen in that flat.
  • Surely, the Internet connection is sufficient, right?
    • I guess so. The flat has adsl with wifi connection (up to 10 people at the same time, I was told)
  • For real TikiFesters, will there be facilities for washing clothes?
    • Yes, there is a washing machine in the house, and a place to dry clothes in the back side of the flat.
  • Other equipment: microwave oven, gas oven, cooker, fridge.

Mostra un mapa més gran

People staying in the Tiki House need to bring

  • your own towel
  • bed spread and sheets. 2 sets for double-bed inflating matresses.

Stuff we need

Stuff we need Who can bring a good one Notes
beamer (projector) Xavi, from Xarantoni.
Whiteboeard Xavi, from Xarantoni.
Webcam for streaming Xavi
Digital video camera and tripod for god quality recording of meetings Xavi Xavi has one of each (the same one from TikiFestMadrid), with long battery and hard drive. Luci is planning to bring one also.
good ambient microphone! Matthew has kindly lent it to us and i'm bringing it on Friday (jonnyb)
electric switches and extensions (bring your power adaptors, or get one for you at any airport) If needed we can buy some more once we are in Barcelona (not adapters, but extensions - multiple plugs).
Big coffee machine well, Xavi can bring an Italian coffee maker (traditional), if there is not in the flat. No nexpresso nor similar unnecessary-waste-producer to produce decent coffee :-)
... Anything else?

There is an ATM machine ("La Caixa" bank next to the flat)

Stuff you might like to bring wink

  • swimming suit & towel for the beach
  • sun cream, sun glasses, cap (It may get quite sunny and hot in Summer here down Europe)
  • mask and fins, underwater camera (Jonny? :-) Workplace

In case we need to go to another place for work every day (in case that the size of the room for meetings in the TikiHouse is not big enough for so many people so many days), we might go to a TikiOffice.

Options being sorted out (among several).

Street: Most probably in the nearby of the TikiHouse, within a walking distance (< 20 min on foot), like in Option 1.

Option 1
Expréssaté. Rambla del Poblenou, 122.

One valid candidate, a TikiBar open those days from 8/9:00h till 22:00h, with Wifi and air-conditioning ;-). Menu price (as a reference) for Lunch: 7 €.

Mostra un mapa més gran

Option 2
15 min on foot from ))TikiHouse((. With wifi but no air conditioning. Keys to go in and out at any time. Optionally, cheap daily menu (6.5 euro) for lunch. http://www.hangar.org
We can rent a big room (workshop for artists). Lots of space and natural light. Walls open (not suitable for portable air conditioning; we should bring some big fans) and some noise may happen from artists in the surrounding workshops. 230 euro/10days. Keys to go in and out at any time. If we need to use this option, we'll need to contract it July 30th itself at the most.

Option 3
Xarxantoni facilities.
25 min. door to door by metro. Many space. Beamer, wifi, computers, whiteboards, chairs, tables, .... No air conditioning.

1.6.2. How to get there Plane

Get a plane ticket to "BARCELONA EL PRAT (BCN)" - El Prat Airport (see Google Map)
(not "GERONA COSTA BRAVA (GRO)" "Girona" Airport, which is 105 km away from Barcelona).

There is a bus getting from there to the city centre (Plaça Catalunya - Catalunya Square).

From there, with Metro (underground) to the Tiki House (Line 4 (yellow) - Station Poblenou). See #Accomodation for more details on how to get there from the closest metro station. Train

Go to the main train station called "Sants", or "Estació de França". Drop a message in this wiki page if you plan to go by train.

You can also fly to Madrid (if you get some cheaper flights), and get the TGV (the high speed train) to Barcelona in 3.5 hours, directly to "Sants" station.

From there, with Metro (underground) to the Tiki House (Line 4 (yellow) - Station Poblenou). See #Accomodation for more details on how to get there from the closest metro station. Bus

From different european cities, see Eurolines:

To bus stations "Barcelona Sants" or "Barcelona Norte".

From there, with Metro (underground) to the Tiki House (Line 4 (yellow) - Station Poblenou). See #Accomodation for more details on how to get there from the closest metro station. Metro

Metro map: http://www.tmb.cat/img/genplano.pdf

Line 4 (yellow):


1.6.3. Other info

How to go from address A to address B inside Barcelona

See also:

1.7. Who

1.7.1. confirmed

Name Home city Dates available Notes
Marc Laporte Montréal, Canada Arrival: 30JUL CDG/BCN 17h25 (AF1948) at BCN Airport. Departing 10AUG 9h30.
LP Huberdeau Montréal, Canada Arrival: 30JUL LHR/BCN 17h55 (BA480S) at BCN Airport, Terminal 2. Departure: 10AUG 11h00. Terminal 2
Philippe Cloutier (chealer) Quebec City, Canada same as LPH.
Regis Montréal, Canada Arrival: same as LPH 30JUL LHR/BCN 17h55 (BA480S) at BCN Airport, Terminal 2. Departure: (BA485M) 11AUG 13h25. Should I bring an inflatable matress (Xavi: yes, to have more flexibility in providing extra bed if someone comes overnight someday), sleeping bag? (may be too hot. Xavi: Not needed; bring bed sheets instead.).
Xavi Barcelona I'll be your host and tikifest coordinator while you are in Barcelona ;-). After the first nights (when I don't mind sleeping also in the inflating mattresses or anywhere), I'll go back to my house overnight and back to the ))TikiHouseorTikiOffice(( in the morning. Recently married man here, you can imagine, and 10 days are too many days... smile
Aldo Alcalá de Henares, Spain I'll come by plane and land in Gerona Airport at 9:40. From July 31 to August 6 I can stay there until 6th
Ben Alcalá de Henares, Spain I'll come by plane and land in Gerona Airport at 9:40. From July 31 to August 9 I don't mind sleeping in the coach, in fact,... I prefer it! BTW. Xavi: There will be a couple of double-bed inflating mattresses (so room for up to 4 people there). Is it Ok for you to sleep there, then?
how much will we contribute for the Tikihouse? Xavi: nothing needed to be paid by any you, afaik (expenses covered by Marc) for the house. Just for whatever food we need, afaik.
Can we see photos inside the house? it's an old fashioned house (with old furniture), don't expect something like Mattbic's house but just the opposite! ;-). At least, it's very well located and fairly cheap and big, so you don't need to pay anything for it (it's fully covered by Marc).
jonnyb London, UK July 31 (10:05) to Aug 8 (14:30) Staying at WikiHouse (some say TikiHouse) - can i have one of the beds please? smile Xavi: Yes, sure ;-)
Should we come to the TikiHouse, or TikiOffice? (late Friday morning - TikiHouse would be good as I've worked out where that is! mrgreen Xavi: I'll do my best to pick you and Rodrigo up at the BCN airport, and then, we all three would go to the TikiHouse).
Rodrigo Sampaio Primo São Paulo, Brazil July 31 (10:05) to Aug 8 (14:30) I would like to participate to know more people from the community but I will be focused on my GSOC project. Staying at TikiHouse
Stéphane Casset and wife Strasbourg, France august 6-7 to august 10.

Xavi: Please, provide more details of the arrival (time and flight number), and send cel/mobile phone number in private to Xavi, just in case.
I will not be alone... WikiHouse ok ? ML: yes! Xavi: is it ok a double-bed inflating mattress on the floor for you and your couple? (weren't you coming with your couple?). If so, I'll get another double-bed inflating mattress for you both in a room with enough empy space. This would make things easier since you are only staying some nights and at the end. Otherwise, we'll look for a solution somewhere else.
luci and Vladka Pomezí, CZ July 30 (14:40 arr. BCN, flight QS1058) to August 8 (23:00 departure) some place in da TikiHouse ? Xavi: Yes, sure (we'll manage) ;-)

1.7.2. interested

Name Home place Dates available Notes

1.7.3. Remote participants

Xavi and pingus have been talking on the phone. While pingus won't be able to attend to Barcelona for this meeting, we agreed to do our best to at least organize audio conferences with him (at least during the first days of design and discussion).

Name Home place Dates available Notes
Nelson Toronto, Ontario any If you can setup audio/video properly (Xavi: we'll do our best!), I can put my face in front of a webcam. Xavi: We'll have another webcam at the other end.
Gary Chiba, Japan any Will try to catch as much as I can.
Sébastien Montréal, Québec any

1.8. Tasks pre-TikiFest

1.8.1. Create a tiki site to test/dog-food workspaces

1.8.2. Check workspaces for other apps like:


1.8.3. WS Use cases

Define several basic use cases

  1. Education: Teacher vs students, ...
  2. Gforge - like: admins vs. editors vs. contributors
  3. Business Team: team manager, team members
  4. NGO comissions: coordinator, secretary, accountability, comission members

Should be done here: http://profiles.tiki.org/Workspaces

1.9. Tasks TODO during the TikiFest

Design, Discussion, Coding ...

1.9.1. Calendar


1.9.2. WS Interface design


1.9.3. Permissions System for WS resources

Until now, Axold and me (MangaPower) have been working with the WS structure and some permissions related to the WS. The next step will be to determine a impletation that enable the object permissions edition within a WS. We think there should be two ways to do it: one using "permissions templates" (everytime you create a object and depending on the object type, a template will be applied, so the groups within the WS will have different permissions on the object; it prevents to stay hours applying permissions for every group and every object) and editing the object permissions individually (or, what's the same, customize the object permissions).
Nowadays LP is working with the permissions system, so it would be ideal to work with him in this issue. By the way, it's possible that we will need a object permission interface specially created for WS.

1.9.4. Adapt basic theme styles in Tiki for workspaces

css, and tpl

  • Allow Horizontal menus like the ones in Magic, so that all menu options are in horizontal tabs, and no side columns are needed.
    This seems to be the design of many workspace-aware applcations, in order to reduce the information to focus on, while you are in one workspace.


This menu style should be easy to add with suckerfish/Superfish. See http://users.tpg.com.au/j_birch/plugins/superfish/#sample4. It would be a good menu design option for Tiki sites whether or not they are using workspaces.

About CSS in general, I hope global styles already in layout.css can be used as much as possible. If workspaces need a lot of unique CSS rules, then maybe it would be a good idea to have a separate workspaces.css (or ws.css or whatever) that is loaded only when workspaces are turned on, so sites not using workspaces won't have that extra overhead. (chibaguy)

1.9.5. Other issues

  • Adoption of JQuery as the standard JS lib for Tiki 4.x onwards
    • Change usage to be the main library, not in compatibility mode any more (may conflict with MooTools if both are enabled unless Moo has a compatibility mode)
    • JQuery to move out of "experimental" features section - and MooTools to move to "deprecated"
    • Code to assume JQuery enabled if ))JavaScript(( is on - possible conflict issues with MooTools conflict as above?
    • Double check all features that were supported by MooTools are now using JQuery - still TODO:
      • Slideshow
  • Discuss Approval Workflow (Marc, LP)
  • Discuss MediaWiki converter (Rodrigo)
  • Discuss recent changes in COE branch (WYSIWYG and toolbars) (Stéphane, Jonny)
  • Discuss Tiki Theme generator and http://profiles.tiki.org/site_width (Luci, Jonny, Marc)
  • Discuss basic "long hanging fruit" things in order to have a usable profile for Learning_Center based on the Moodle interface and experience and THE reference worldwide as Learning Management System (Marc, Regis, Xavi, Luci)
  • Presentation on profiles & Data Channels (which will be central to workspaces) (LP + Marc)
  • Freetags & wiki3d (Rodrigo, Regis)
  • i18n Interactive Translation (Xavi, Rodrigo, Marc)
  • Implement PluginR (Rodrigo, Luci, LPH, Xavi): basic version implemented and working!. Uploaded to mods as plugin R
  • Calendar_handler (Ben?, LPH?)
  • Add calendars to template of the profiles: Learning_Center and Project Management
  • Update PluginCalendar
    • Templates need to be updated in that plugin to use the latest templates of the tiki calendar in tiki 3.x., and some sort of suggested "todo" list (to make it usable with workspaces) has been started in the dev page.
  • Document the MediaWiki Importer

1.9.6. Produce some draft screencasts or videos

Produce some draft video tutorial or screencasts while using worksapces in Tiki trunk whenever they start top be usable. Quick & dirty guided demo would do, so far, I guess, so that it's easier for other tiki site admins to see the pros and cons of using worksapces for their sites in Tiki 4, and other devs to help removing sharp edges from workspaces, etc.

  • Installing the Tiki Profile Time_Sheet (Regis) (recorded)
  • Social networking using Pretty Trackers (Luci and Aldo, Xavi recorded video) (recorded)
  • Mediawiki importer (Rodrigo; not recorded in the Tiki Fest
  • Learning Center (Xavi & Regis; not recorded yet, because the profile Learning Center is not workig yet).

1.10. Tasks already DONE during the tikifest

  1. merging branch perms-take2
  2. merging branch modules-doc
  3. From Workspaces RoadMap:
    1. Category Jail
    2. Organic Groups
    3. Perspective view permission
    4. Datachannel UI
    5. Group transitions
    6. Category transitions
    7. Perspective filter
    8. Dynamic preferences (branches/experimental/lesser-magic)
  4. PluginR basic version.
  5. USBTiki based on Ubuntu 9.04 and Tiki3 and Trunk (Xavi, Luci)
  6. Replaced Shadowbox with Colorbox, a new JQuery plugin (luci)
  7. treeTable, a new Jquery plugin, has been added for managing category permissions already (to manage some more stuff, in the future) (jonnyb)
    1. Implemented on tiki-objectpermissions.php
  8. New Profiles:
    1. Expenses_Report
    2. Timesheet_Report
    3. Learning_Center (partially)
    4. Project Management (partially)
  9. Removed
    1. Mootools (jquery now "always on")
    2. Games
    3. Graph2
    4. newsreader
    5. jgraphpad
    6. Charts
    7. swffix
    8. aqua tabs
    9. backups
    10. Overlib (still some more to remove and convert to ClueTips in templates)
  10. Toolbars revamp merged from ui-revamp branch, via coe (formerly known as QuickTags - still to be renamed)




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