A tradition in the TikiWiki community, a TikiFest is a meeting between Tiki contributors (that don’t usually meet). This is an opportunity, usually, to drink adult beverages, get some laptops out and code wildly in group sessions and/or discuss about wiki technology and culture, etc. depending the mood and context. It is a great opportunity for Tiki users and Tiki power users to meet some of the developers and learn more stuff biggrin

If you are new/curious about Tiki, come and meet the contributors. There will be a free workshop “introduction to Tiki” and a TikiFest cocktail.


9-10-11-12-13-14-15 November 2009


Note: Anyone who wants to do demos/presentations of their Tiki projects or anything else is welcome to be part of the schedule. Just add it in.

Monday November 9th 11h - 17h

  • Make plan for the week
    • Review list of blockers & bugs
  • Discussion & work on profiles user interface

Tuesday November 10th 11h30 - 18h

  • Fix bugs & security audit

18h -> late social evening with Confoo.ca organizers at l’escalier

Wednesday November 11th 10h - 18h

Thursday November 12th 10h - 18h

  • Fix bugs & security audit
  • New to Tiki?
    • Come and have your Tiki site upgraded to Tiki4
    • Come and get Tiki installed on your server

Friday November 13th 10h - 20h

10h - 17h Release Tiki4.0
16h - 17h Introduction to Tiki Quick intro before the cocktail. Laptops optional.
17h - 20h TikiFestMontreal4Cocktail

Saturday November 14th 11h - 18h

  • Discussion about community organisation ->

Sunday November 15th 11h - 17h


Release Tiki4


  • Marc Laporte
  • Jonny Bradley
  • Sébastien
  • lindon (arriving Thurs morning, leaving Sunday afternoon)
  • Philippe Cloutier
  • Régis (some hours regarding the program)
  • Nelson (in person from Wed pm onwards, will try to be online before)
  • Simon
  • You?


Unless otherwise note, we’ll be at CGCOM offices. In the evening, we will typically go for dinner & drinks at a pub nearby.

Offices of CGCOM

85, Saint-Paul Street West, suite 240
Montréal, Québec H2Y 3V4
514 848-9770

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We will be testing http://bigbluebutton.org/ Special thank you to Fred Dixon from Blindside Networks who has kindly setup the server specially for the Tiki Community.

Live audio-video-chat-screensharing

website: http://algonquincollege.bigbluebutton.org/tiki.html

password: tiki

Voice Options:

  • You can use built in VOIP
  • Call local Ottawa Number - 613-366-1985
  • Call local Toronto Number - 647-367-2991
  • Call Toll-Free Number - 866-964-7085

Conference Number: 85113

Notes about BigBlueButton

From left to right: ?, Lindon, Jonny Bradley, Pascal St-Jean, Marc Laporte, Sébastien Lord-Jetté, Nelson Koth, Philippe Cloutier
From left to right: ?, Lindon, Jonny Bradley, Pascal St-Jean, Marc Laporte, Sébastien Lord-Jetté, Nelson Koth, Philippe Cloutier
Wearing Tiki T-shirts: Sébastien Lord-Jetté, Jonny Bradley
Wearing Tiki T-shirts: Sébastien Lord-Jetté, Jonny Bradley


Nelson Koth, Philippe Cloutier, another Philippe
Nelson Koth, Philippe Cloutier, another Philippe


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