Around October 8 (Sunday) and 9 (Monday) and 10 (Tuesday), 2017. Details are still being worked out.


TikiFest schedule to be determined.

Also, people may want to do some sightseeing within day-trip range or travel farther in Japan, before or after the Tiki event.



Details still to be worked out. The TikiHouse can be Gary’s house (in or near Yotsukaido, Chiba, Japan - about an hour outside of Tokyo, between Tokyo and Narita airport) but my family will be moving house soon, so it’s not certain what house that will be exactly, but there will be some house, in this area. ;-)


If the number isn’t too large, everyone is more than welcome to stay at the TikiHouse. We will know, later on, what that capacity is.


  • Marc Laporte
  • Jonny Bradley
  • Gary (chibaguy)
  • Jean-Marc (Jyhem)
  • Victor (kroky)
  • You?


Probably we will be using http://live.tikiwiki.org/ powered by http://bigbluebutton.org/ . Live streaming time won’t be very convenient for many people, but the recordings will be available as usual.


  • Invite *.tiki.org uses with .jp email address or Japan as a country

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