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A tradition in the Tiki community, a TikiFest is a meeting between Tiki contributors (that usually only meet online). This is an opportunity to socialize, code and demonstrate and discuss wiki technology and culture, etc.

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In eastern France, near the german border.

Unless there are a lot of participants, I (Jyhem) can host comfortably half a dozen people in my roomy place with fibre internet and view on the cathedral. More with less comfort if necessary 😊


Suggested dates: Wednesday july 4th to friday, july 5th 2018
Friday, July 6th to Thursday, July 12th

Tikifest Strasbourg 2018 would be held at the same time as Libre Software Meeting 2018 (LSM) which happens in Strasbourg again this year july 7th-12th 2018 . So we can enjoy both 😊
Of course, this means a lightweight TikiFest in terms of work done since we also attend a nearby event but it is ok since we also don't have a stand to man or conferences to prepare. LSM is focused on expanding the Freedom of Free Software to other parts of life, like Free Licences, etc. Libre Software will only be a component, so a workshop on configuring Tiki trackers or such idea might not gather the proper crowd 😀.

Note that their website does not showcase the event yet, but the call for participation. Now is the time for suggesting events (either in french, english or german!) before april 30th.
Note that it will not focus on highly technical issues, more on the relationship between Free Software/Licenses/Mindframe on society. So I don't believe this is the right place for a Tiki booth. Suggestions are welcome.
For instance, our XWiki friends consider presenting topics related to cryptpad and how opensource fits with building a business and Open Food Facts.

Our preferred option is a lightweight participation to LSM: no stand, presentation, workshop, just attend and enjoy the event.


Everybody who wishes to attend.

name ArrivalDepartureComments
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem) local local Will attend and help organise TikiFest and be involved in LSM also somewhat
Jonathan Whitson Cloud(JWhitsonCloud) Friday 6th PM Monday 9th AM First time at a TikiFest.
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten)Thur 5th or Fri 6thtbdWill assist Jean-Marc as much as possible.

Topics of interest

  • It would be nice to have a profile for a Tiki people can setup for managing open source conferences like LSM. Nothing great seems to be available and it would be a great way of getting visibility and contributors
  • Upgrade the community piwik to matomo (I think…)
  • Look at Jonathan's heavily multilingual site


Program will be decided on the spot, as usual. A 3 person TikiFest does not require a high level of planning 😀

Surrounding events

Friday 6th

Saturday 7th

Sunday 8th

More info

There seems to be a way of renting bikes per day


How to come to Strasbourg

by train
The train station is right next to city centre, and everywhere can be reached from there using the tram. Trams drive until 24:30 at night.

by car
Some info: in Strasbourg, having a car is a hindrance, not an advantage. It is difficult to drive around and park. If you come by car, you are likely to leave it parked until you leave again.

by ship
Unlikely. The Rhine passes nearly through Strasbourg if you really feel like it.

by plane
The nearest airport is the Strasbourg-Entzheim so-called "International" airport. It is dwarfed by nearby bigger airports : Frankfurt, Basel, Baden-Baden. Lufthansa operates a Frankfurt-Strasbourg shuttle.

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