Hi, I'm a software developer with some teaching experience at a high school in East Palo Alto, CA.

I have started an open source project to develop a free web-based system for schools to implement more personalized learning.

Here's our mission statement:

"Build a complete, low-cost, web-based system to support administration, communication, and personalized learning in K-12 schools, aiming initially but not exclusively at the currently underserved small schools/small districts market."

OK, that's not the slickest mission statement ever, but it's got the gist.

Our non-profit organization is called "Why in the World?, inc." http://www.whyintheworld.org

We've been focusing on development — version 0.2 is in use at 3 schools now — and as a result haven't focused yet on the public site. It is sparsely populated to say the least. But I've installed TW, so it should become content-rich soon.

Anyway, I am here because I can see TW becoming an excellent classroom and school admin tool, and would love to collaborate.

my eml: tim at whyintheworld.org

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