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Hi, I'm Sikko, a Tiki user from the Netherlands, im trying to get to know Tiki and hosting it better, and to do that i have got a few websites running it, for instance mini-enterprises.com, a site to help out in starting a community or other collaboration program, and it already made a few offspring.
For instance minidvd.nl.
This is not my site, but i helped start them up.
I like Tiki CMS very much and am working on making a dutch manual for it, did this before for other projects.

Greeting all, Sikko

Key Function and sub-features

Dutch Documentation/Website translation LanguageDutch
New keeper of the website nl.tiki.org, the dutch subsite of tikiwiki.org. I am trying to popularize the use of Tikiwiki in the dutch language area

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sikko AT gmx DOT com

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