Webinar 2013 04

Canceled due to TikiFest Ottawa. Topics have to pushed to May Webinar


Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 19:00:00 UTC time (click for time zone in your city)


See Webinars for a detailed description of sections. Pascal St-Jean is the facilitator.




  • Frank
  • insert name

Just a quick note, this webinar will be held during the TikiFest Ottawa. We will still schedule for this webinar and try to do a Live / Online connection as best as possible. If the people connecting online have a difficult time keeping in touch then we will push the webinar to the following week.


1st hour quick news

  • Talk at FSFE Fellowship end of April 2013
    • How to build a local community? The magic threshold to get things into motion
  • File system: ownership, permissions, shell vs. PHP
    • problem cases: demo.t.o and FTP only installation
    • maybe this is a topic for part two (takes longer?)
    • standalone preinstallation download+unzip tool
  • The spam problem
    • registration
    • email
  • News from TikiFest in Canada (Montréal, Ottawa)
    • Themes and layout/design model: switching to Bootstrap Framework
  • (add any topics here)

Second hour, longer topics

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