Webinar 2014 09

Volunteering Facilitator: Nelson



Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 19:00:00 UTC time (click for time zone in your city)


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1st hour quick news

  • Discussion on planning for Tiki 14 release
  • Discussion on other minor releases
  • Update on the effort towards a new theme for community site
  • Update on new features to be used on the community site to enhance Teams
  • http://dev.tiki.org/Icons#Tiki_14_-_Iconsets_development_proposal_ I will probably wont be able to make it for the webinar, but if you guys have time, please take a look and discuss this

Second hour, longer topics

  • Demo by Nelson about the new Addons feature, which is used to implement the OrganicGroups new feature in Tiki14. See screencast in the BBB recording (from minute 71' onwards)

Chat log

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Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Hello Gary Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): Hello Bernard Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): How are you :) Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): I'm good, thanks. Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): I'll switch the cam off now so better bandwidth Arild Berg (arild): Hi everybody Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): ok Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Hi Arild, Nelson, Lu Nelson (koth): hi Xavi (xavi): hello everybody luciash d' being (luci): i hope i dont sound like gremlin again Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Hi Xavi Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): ha ha ha Nelson (koth): hi Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Nelson we heard for a second I think Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): yes good Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Xavi, please lower your mic gain (u are very loud to me) Xavi (xavi): ok Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): I can hear Darth VAdor Breathing ! :D Xavi (xavi): :-) luciash d' being (luci): who is darth vader ? Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Xavi ! (by the time his mic was very loud) luciash d' being (luci): :D Xavi (xavi): reconverted into human some minutes ago ;-) Xavi (xavi): yes Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Definitely more important than Tiki14, IMO luciash d' being (luci): yeah Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): tada... Xavi (xavi): http://dev.tiki.org/Tiki14 luciash d' being (luci): thanks for the link Xavi (xavi): http://dev.tiki.org/Tiki14#Developments_expected_to_be_in_Tiki_14 Xavi (xavi): Developments expected to be in Tiki 14 1. Forum UI Revamp see Forum UI Revamp 2. File Gallery Revamp see File Gallery Revamp 3. Freeform Relationships see Freeform Relationships 4. Advanced Analytics using Kibana see Analytics Analysis 5. Renaming of Admin X Renaming of 'Admin X' (home, panels, wizard) with 'Config X' or similar Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): https://doc.tiki.org/elFinder Xavi (xavi): List of things to fix before Tik14: http://dev.tiki.org/Tiki14#Wishlist Xavi (xavi): add items there, and change status as needed to clean up that list, etc Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): +1 for organic groups Xavi (xavi): +1 too :-) Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): -1 for more revamps because they really break a lot of things which don't get fixed luciash d' being (luci): yes Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): +1 Nelson luciash d' being (luci): December for 14? Xavi (xavi): "the end of october for branching Tiki14" Xavi (xavi): (for loging purposes in the chat of the discussion) luciash d' being (luci): while Nelson edits the page it is not good idea to vote on the proposals Xavi (xavi): good point, luci Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Pascal doesn't work on Tiki any more ? Xavi (xavi): thank you Nelson and Bernard for being again the release coordinators! Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Thanks Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Bad news :-( you are already overworked. luciash d' being (luci): I think it is not necessarily about need for a completely new theme but maybe more about fixing what needs to be polished in the current one (fivealive) and make it look nice and not chaotic look - KISS - simplify front pages, etc. luciash d' being (luci): yes +1 to simplify as much as possible - maybe also change the font as in non-english languages it is not fully supported Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Agreed about fixing the existing sites and only consider new themes in sites such as nextdev, nextdoc, etc luciash d' being (luci): http://lumzy.com/ Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): It's only for windows ? Nelson (koth): https://www.mybalsamiq.com (but it's not free I think) Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): oh, you don't hAVE to download. My bad luciash d' being (luci): http://lumzy.com/app/ Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): lol Luciash !!! Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Luci is distracted :-) luciash d' being (luci): she made my hair messed up! Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): no no you look better ! luciash d' being (luci): ah, yeah, you need to register and save before sharing project on lumzy.com luciash d' being (luci): just relized luciash d' being (luci): realized luciash d' being (luci): +1 for font awesome Xavi (xavi): related link (clicable): http://dev.tiki.org/Icons#Tiki_14_-_Iconsets_development_proposal_ luciash d' being (luci): they work on my old iPhone ;-) Nelson (koth): http://dev.tiki.org/Tiki14#Decide Nelson (koth): pls vote! luciash d' being (luci): btw, related tool for collaborative mindmapping: http://www.mindmeister.com/364632329/tiki-wiki-cms-groupware-aka-tikiwiki luciash d' being (luci): Tiki forums are missing basic functionality found in other forums luciash d' being (luci): it is without a doubt Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): hi all - in a restuarant with Lindon in London Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): just saying Hi! luciash d' being (luci): hey jonny Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Hi JB, Hi Lindon ! Xavi (xavi): hi jonny & lindon Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): sry, cam not working brb Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): coo, connection hassles luciash d' being (luci): sounds of bar Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): We got hooligans coming in !!!! :D Xavi (xavi): :-) Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): aaaargh! Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): hmm, webcam not working, sorry for the interruption, just wanted to say hello :) Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): ah well, food coming shortly, will try and listen to the recording Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): Lindon says hi too! Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): :) luciash d' being (luci): hi Lindon in London! Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Hi Jonny, Hi Lindon Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Ohh, no Scottish results expected before tomorrow morning ? :-( Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): lol ! Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): Hi everyone from London Tiki fest - we technically meet the definition : two Tikizens drinking beer in the same place ;-) luciash d' being (luci): sure thing ! Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): cheers Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): :-) Xavi (xavi): :-) Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): Scotch results strt at 5am - i'll be asleep :) Xavi (xavi): :-D Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): ok, bye all, sorry for the unruly interruptions, see you laterz Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): /me wonders what a view is luciash d' being (luci): /me wonders how Nelson coded it together - is there some Developer documentation ? some brainstorming, mindmapping, UML diagraming or wireframes behind ? luciash d' being (luci): u could update copyright year to 2014 ;-) Xavi (xavi): notes organically written :-) luciash d' being (luci): :) Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): zombie mode Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): I can do that (the 2014 thing) Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): using Unix Nelson (koth): o Nelson (koth): ok, shell script Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): 22:58 Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): 0:00 Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Gary you're the man ! Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): bye Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): bye all.

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