Webinar 2015 01

Volunteering Facilitator: Bernard Sfez



Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 19:00:00 UTC time (click for time zone in your city)


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1st hour quick news

  • Theme improvements in trunk (Jonny B and Gezza?)
  • Tiki 14
    • Planning and branching etc (need to revise "late Jan" release date ;)
    • Remaining branching blockers? Do we wait for all the icons and buttons to be "bootstrappified"?
    • New features (what are these addon things?)
  • TikiFest2015-Bonn-Fosdem - just a general notice and invite to all (mini-TikiFest happening on Friday)

Second hour, longer topics

  • Theme file precedence (custom.css and js, theme iconsets etc)
  • Icon/button behaviour - should we try and fix this properly for 14.x?
  • Tiki project site theme - current status, including discussion of layout templates

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