The new InterTiki feature is being used to share member information between tikiwiki.org and themes.tw.o. People registered at tikiwiki.org will find their relevant personal preferences already applied at the themes site (theme preference is local to the themes site, of course). Newcomers to Tiki who want to be registered at the themes site should register at tikiwiki.org, not directly at themes.tikiwiki.org.

Two themes released

Two new themes are now available for downloading at themes.tw.o. They are Planetfall, originally done for Mambo CMS (now Joomla), and Kubrick, originally a ))WordPress(( theme. Both have been released under the GPL license. More theme ports and original themes are on the way.

Info shift

Information and other resources related to theme creating and modifying currently at tikiwiki.org and doc.tikiwiki.org will be transferred to themes.tw.o. This includes relevant wiki pages and the ))TikiWiki(( Templates/Layouts forum.

You are invited

All members of the Tikiwiki community are invited to participate at themes.tw.o. Please visit to get a new theme or share a new theme, to find or provide information on making themes, or anything else related to Tiki themes.