Slax TikiLiveCD

You can get it from here: (285 Mb)

MD5 sum: af517d1ab92ade86bed56d2235e5c5b7

It has been created by teachers of the courses at Altercoms, from SLAX GNU/Linux Live/CD distribution (, vesion 5.1.7b, server edition), based on a Slackware GNU/Linux distribution.

Once you get the ISO, and burn it to a CD, boot your computer from the CD. Click on the desktop icon saying "TikiWiki", and there it is. You might like to change the language of the KDE interface, plus keyboard, or TikiWiki interface. Proceed as usual to do so, or ask for support if needed.

To log in as admin user, you can do it with the same username and password than the superuser from the Slax-Tiki Live CD:

username: root
password: toor

or you can also use this account:

username: admin
password: nimda

The following is also availabe on that CD:

  • PhpMyAdmin, to manage db through web interface.
  • and a TikiWiki 1.10cvs installation, "ready" for the course on Admin. Tiki sites, level II, held at Altercoms Cooperative (see below). We mean, that Tiki is not fully installed, but only copied the files in place, and the database has not been created either. This has been left "as is" intentionally, so that those are duties that the attendant to the course of 2nd level will have to learn in short.... wink. More info at:
  • The notes from the courses (in pdf), and some other document and utility, are inside the "extra" folder, that you may find if you go to the desktop, upper left corner of the screen, where it says Home ("Inici"). Note that notes are mostly in Catalan. You can also get them from:

Team of teachers of the courses at Altercoms cooperative.

Altercoms SCCL

Barcelona, Catalonia, SPAIN.