A new TikiLiveCD version 0.3, including Tiki 1.9.11 and Tiki 1.10svn preinstalled, is here. Feedback is welcome:

The current state of the Live CD includes (May 23rd, 2008):

  • Tiki 1.9.11 and 1.10beta (May 20th, 2008) up and running
  • feb12.css theme fixed! (great work, Gary!)
  • new wallpaper added (thanks Luci!)
  • some TikiMovies and Screencasts from several sources added to the "Home > Extra > Videos" folder
  • some more documentation manuals added in other languages, under "Home > Extra > docs_in_other_languages" folder
  • Known issues:
    • Still big fat live CD, which will be reduced some tenths of Mb (at least) with some care later on merging modules by hand

Still todo:

  • Add link from tw installs to see the included videos and screencasts in the live CD

See TikiLiveCD for more information.