It hasn't been too long that TikiWiki 1.9 DR4 has been released, nevertheless the community took TikiFest Argentina 2005 as the opportunity to have a worldwide party to patch out the latest bugs, do some cosmetic work and - release 1.9 final!

Enter the world of integrated community portals by downloading TikiWiki 1.9 from SourceForge and experience all the collaborative features like Wikis, Forums, Blogs, File Galleries, a karma-like community system, a workflow-engine for structured work and more on one platform with one simple install. If you can't get enough of features, you are now able to extend TikiWiki with an easy to use mod-system.

The preconfigured site-profiles available at installation stage shorten setup times and the improved admin-interface allows you to give your community the power it needs in just a moment. By following a throughout CMS-approach TikiWiki gives users the freedom to customize the site-look to their likings and read it in their native language - if you allow so.

Some of the new features are:

  • Enhanced wiki diff engine
  • Multilingual content handling
  • Enhanced trackers (used in the preparation of this release)
  • TikiSheet
  • and many more

If you feel like having installed the next generation of collaborative tools after testing out all of this - we didn't mean 1.9... ;)

Although it is a serious system, we hope that you'll use it in the spirit we built it:
Just For Fun