This site is no longer used. We use https://gitlab.com/groups/tikiwiki/-/merge_requests instead.

This is the page used but the Quality Team to coordinate work on http://code.tiki.org


To do

  • Use the Rating Language to make dashboards
    • A way to know until which commit everything is approved.
      • So people that want stability can use this and always have approved commits
      • Would be nice to have the date indicated, and a counter to know how many days delay we have


  • Do we need different dashboard of 6x vs 9x?
    • Should we have a category for 6x vs 9x commits?
  • Can we have a flag/commit/category/status to indicate that this commit needs attention? Ex.: it was done in the stable branch but not merged to trunk

Nice to have

  • A way for people to report "This commit caused a regression, which needs to be fixed quickly" and that we have a dashboard of these regresssions
  • Ideally, we'd have a post-commit hook that modifies the message to cvs-svn mailing list to add the URL to the code review tool. URL pattern will be something like https://code.tiki.org/r52365


  • Once everything is running smoothly, make a profile with the recipe.