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problem in rendering pages properly

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Is it only me or does everyone have problems in seeing the right-side modules in this site properly rendered? They are not inside the tables but overrun the content in the middle. Also, as I type here now for a new post, I am typing into a very narrow and long column which doesn't make any sense to me. Are these problems with the 1.9 RC3 version or is it my browser?


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I confirm the issues you describe.

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I suggest that you try a different style as some work better then others.

But then how odd. I tried IE (IE 5 on win 98) and the pages acted as you say, sooeydoo. But when I logged in with IE the pages appear correctly. To me this is was not expected.

Also I get a proper display of the post reply box.

How would logging in make a difference for me but not for you guys? Has this something to do with my old ver. of IE?
It looks OK in Mozz.
Just tossing out ideas as this dispaly problem has got to be addressed.

Later, James

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I had the same problems when the upgrade was done to the site. A change to a new theme here on this site did the trick. That was bizarre the one to two character width of the posting. Related to that I am haivng problems with the appearance of text on some of my pages. At times, the posting will not appear, but instead has the appearance of being in a color that just isn't showing up, like white on white or white text on a light grey. How do I fix that? More than one theme is giving me that result?