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Features / Usability

how to wrap bottom buttons

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At the bottom of each wiki page there are "buttons": edit, remove, rename, lock,...
These are in a table.

Depending on style, window size, translation, this table may be too wide to fit on the screen.
What should I do: change that bottom template so that it is not in a table any more and it wraps?

Same thing happens for the smileys.
What if I ever contribute a mod for having more smileys, and in a table? Hmmm... suggestions are welcome

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To be totally WAI compliant, no table can be used for layout. So in the future.... all the layout table will be replaced

I find that there is some inconsistency in tiki. Some actions are a icon. Some are in a textual form. But as I hate icons, it will enlarge the page bar... not good

I can imagine a right float div on the top of the page will all the commands listed in a list


posts: 59 Belgium

sylvie: I understand what you mean.
When my Gentoo compilation is complete, I'll throw myself in the cvs.cool

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