Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

What is this ?

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I keep getting this as soon as I add something to my site and even can not get to mysql data after that till I delete the data and upload my back-up again and then after couple days again.

"Warning: MYSQL error: DB Error: no such table in query:
select value from tiki_preferences where name='error_reporting_level'
in /home/my site/www/book/lib/tikilib.php on line 112"

Could some one plkease tell me what is this? I look at line 112 but could figure anything out.

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Can you browse through your database using something like phpmyadmin?
Can you see the table tiki_preferences using phpmyadmin?
Can you find a record where the name value is error_reporting_level?

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Go in the panel admin -> general and set the error reporting level to whatever you want and save.
The error must disappear

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