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editing templates

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When I try to edit a template in tikiwiki and click on save I get this error:
<b>Only one top level element is allowed in an XML document. Error processing resource 'http://webnet.corp.ptd.net/~travisr/tiki2/tiki-edit_templates.php'. Line 2, Position 2

Can anyone help me understand how to fix it.

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That unfortunately tells us nothing, except your using Internet Explorer.

So the best thing to do is to look in the Apache Error logs for a clue, or use Firefox which will show a proper error message instead of XML junk.


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ok, after the error message displays on the screen I get this message:

Warning: fopen(templates/tiki-top_bar.tpl): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/netman/travisr/public_html/tikilight_1.8.4/tiki-edit_templates.php on line 45

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You need to set the properties for the file (or full TEMPLATES directory) to 7-7-7 in order to allow write-access. See Step #5 for details.