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Verify Php Memory Limit?

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How is it possible to verify the actual php memory limit on my website. The memory limit was originally started out at 8mg. I followed red instructions (see below) to change it (as described below). How can I verify whether or not the php memory limit is actually different (at 32 meg instead of 8 megs)?
I use CPanel on my website, and I can also do ftp.

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I would like you to increase the maximum memory size for PHP scripts from 8 MB to at least 16 MB but would prefer it to be 32 MB.

I currently have TikiWiki 1.85 set up, which I installed through the Fantastico installer on your website. However, I would like to install the New version, TikiWiki 1.90

These specification are on the TikiWiki website?

"It is highly recommended to increase the maximum memory size for PHP scripts from 8 MB to at least 16 MB if not 32 MB in your php.ini configuration file. Uploaded files are hashed with md5(), so watch this setting too if you upload files of several megabytes. Whilst TikiWIki can run in 8 MB environments for most actions eventually as you load your TikiWIki with content it requires more memory. Please dont use TikiWIki in 8Mb environments, it will cause you more problems later on. Before reporting a problem, particularly getting blank pages, change to 16 or 32 MB"

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(Staff) Submitted 25-7-2005-12:59
Dear Mr. W,

You need to create a php.ini file in your public_html directory of soliveanew.com with, the following statement

memory_limit = 32M;

This will take care of it.

Thanks & Regards


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A phpinfo(); may tell you. But its not always shown.

That option is at the bottom of the Admin menu in Tiki