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Many new users of my website are finding it quite annoying that the first time they want to send a message to another user, they first have to go into preferences and enable the Allow messages from other users feature. How can I make this feaure defaultively enables for my users?

Thanks so much in advance, you guys have been so helpful to me!

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Okay. Thank's for the help anyways!

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In 1.10, there is a new feature that allows you to set the default prefs for a user.
Meanwhile, until 1.10 is released, you can change in tiki-register.php the line

$tikilib->set_user_preference($_REQUEST["name"], 'allowMsgs', 'n');
$tikilib->set_user_preference($_REQUEST["name"], 'allowMsgs', 'y');


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Btw, could this be made the default for 1.9.x? (>= 1.9.3)
If yes, I could make the change myself to cvs (I will be very please to do it, since this was very annoying for the new users and the admins of the site that I admin. inside and outside of educational use :-)