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Can I hide wiki-page comments by default?

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For some reason, the comment form at the bottom of my wiki pages is showing up all the time. I'd prefer that, by default, there be no comments showing unless someone clicks the "Comments X" link (or the "Add a comment" link if there aren't any yet).

Is this possible? Am I missing something?

Edited to Add: when using the moreneat.css style, they seem to hide automatically just fine in IE on the PC and Safari on the Mac, but in Firefox, they keep showing up every time you refresh a page....

(I searched throughout the site here for an answer and just couldn't find one)

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Currently using TikiWiki version with default theme.

I'm also experiencing undesirable behavior of the comments section.
By default, based off of my browsing through TikiWiki's comments.php file, TikiWiki hides the comments on a page.

The problem I'm experiencing is when a user clicks on the comments link to show all comments for a page. Once a user does this, it seems that a cookie is created and stores information for the current browser setting on whether to show/hide comments from that point on. If I'm understanding the logic of comments.php correctly, comzone is supposed to be updated every time a user clicks the show/hide link. When I user Firefox to observe the change to comzone, I don't see any.
comzone always has the value of o

To reproduce the issues I've stated, follow the following instructions:
- activate comments for you TikiWiki page, through your admin controls
- Open a new session of your web browser. I'll assume you're using Firefox from now on
- Navigate to one of you wiki pages
- Scroll down to the bottom of your wiki page
~ Notice how the 'Post New Comments' comments section is hidden
- Click the link to add comments and make the 'Post New Comments' visible
- In Firefox, select Tools-> Options. Go to the privacy section and click on Show Cookies. Search for your site or site subdomain (type the first letter of the domain or subdomain to jump to that letter) where your tikiWiki is. Expand the folder and search for comzone. Notice that comzone is set to 'o'. Close out the cookies and option window.
- Browse to another page on your tikiWiki site and scroll down to the bottom of the page
- Notice that the 'Post New Comments' section is still visible
- Click on the add comment link to collapse the comments section.
~ At this point the comzone cookie should have changed.
- Check on the content of comzone and see if it is something other than 'o'. You will find that it doesn't change.
- Delete the comzone cookie and refresh the wikipage and you'll see that comments get hidden.

Anyone know how to fix this?

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Not wishing to sound like a smart#$@, the easiest way to fix it is to upgrade to 2.1. I noted the same problem in 1.9 also, but it no longer appears to be an issue in later versions, at least I have noticed it being a problem any more.