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Moving File Galleries from Database to FileSystem

Hi all... I'm trying to convert our Image Galleries from database storage to filesystem storage, but I'm not having any luck.

The first time I tried it, I switched the Admin Image Gallery setting to store images in a Directory - "img/galleries". Tiki processed 138 images with 0 errors, but there was some php error output when the page refreshed. I checked the Tiki filesystem and found no trace of the galleries folder.

I then manually created the folder and tried again. This time there were no php errors, but Tiki said there were 0 images moved out of the database. I checked the img/galleries folder, and nothing was there. I then checked the Image Galleries and all of the images are still present... so it looks as though they are intact but haven't gone anywhere?

Did my first step screw up the move process? How can I extract my images from the DB to my file folder?


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Hi Corb:

This might be due to a bug in current Tiki code (it happenend something similar to me weeks ago, and I thought it was a mistake I had made in some config or whatever).

Could you please at a new bug report, explaining it as you've done here, at:

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