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Galaxia Workflow Engine

Question about the Top Header.......

Hi, I'm new to tikiwiki.... and wow is there a lot of features which is what made me so interested..... I am experimenting with tikiwiki and was wondering if there was a possible to have a top header? An example of one would be http://www.cascadehikers.com/ is this possible?

(I take it this question isn't actually about the Galaxia Workflow Engine.) Please check out http://themes.tikiwiki.org, specifically the Site Identity feature. By turning this on, you can customize the top of your site's pages. (If you want to download and use one of the new themes — ones not included in the standard Tiki package — not all of them support the Site Identity feature. The new versions for Tikiwiki 1.10, now available as a beta, do, though.) As an alternative to using the Site Identity feature, you can edit template files, but that's more involved. If you have any specific questions, you can ask at the themes site forums.

-- Gary - zukakakina.com

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