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On Kuht.it you'll find KuhtForge that's a Sourceforge port to E-Xoops php/mysql portal.

It will be interesting if someone will try to port this code (or the idea..) to Tiki :-)

I think that a sourceforge-like approach could be a different *view* of actual tikiwiki tools. Some of the tools you find on sourceforge are also on tiki: news, forums, trackers - bugs, support, patches, feature requests - tasks, docs (wiki), surveys, files and soon.

The architecture is different. Sourceforge is a project-based site, so the tools are assigned to single projects. Do you think it will be possible to assume this kind of architecture for tiki as a possible option, without modifying the code so much?

Perhaps categories will be the "projects", but I think we need to have an user interface to submit projects, as is on sourceforge. isnt it?

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I'm planning on integrating GForge (a fork from the SourceForge code) with tikiwiki, and to work with the tikiwiki features. But my project is very specialized. I don't know though, anybody else like the idea of integrating something like GForge into tikiwiki?
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Just a little remark
I have the impression gforge is GPL. And tiki is LGPL. If you integrate Gforge it will be via mods and not directly into the cvs