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"Wiki Discussion" can't be activated

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I'm setting up a portal on microfinance using TikiWiki 3 and would like to use the "Wiki discussion"-tab to create forum threads for wikipages.

However, when I check the box in the wiki configuration and click on "apply", no action protocol appears and the box turns unchecked again.

Are there any further settings that must be activated for this option to work?

I also noticed that the "key"-link for permissions at the forum discussion option for wikis leads to an error page, stating "unknown group". I don't know whether this is in any way connected, but maybe it helps.

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PS: Just checked it with a clean install of TikiWiki on a fresh installation of XAMPP and the problem also occurs there!

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"Wiki discussion" is fixed in Tiki 3.1

M ;-)

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Please, make my day.
Where can I get the Tiki 3.1?

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Yeah, any ETA on 3.1?

I found my issue in the TikiWiki bug tracker.

It is stated there that the fix could be found somewhere. I'm new to this entire bug tracking system, so anybody got a pointer for me where to find this fix?