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How set wiki Permissions Edit, but not for Remove?

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I have both a Group and Category named SEC. The SEC Group has view and edit permission for all pages in the wiki, but does NOT have Remove permission.

For pages in the SEC Category, however, when I enable the Edit permission for the SEC Group, they also get Remove. How do I remove the Remove permission?

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Any idea when the change to make the perms assignable by category mght happen? Or at least the "Remove" function?

I have multiple groups with perms buy category so assinging perms for each wiki page is not a viable option for me.


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I have a similar situation, but after having the same problems, I decided to do it differently.

No permissions in categories!

All my problems disappeared as snow for the sun. The only permissions are in the user groups and there is now full control over the permissions and abilities.
In case there is a page (or structure) with different requirements qua permissions, I set the permissions individually for the page or structure.