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Linking to web pages in a dev environment

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As posted in some earlier postings, I am a newbie and recent convert to TikiWiki and have been following's Rick's excellent TikiWiki for Smarties which has proven invaluable.

I have a question re: Linking to internal web pages.
The instructions here state

To create a link to a wiki page from another source (such as another website or an email) use this format

However, I am developing my site in a dev environment. Thus, my current domain is dev.domainname.com instead of www.domainname.com

Won't all of my links be broken once I migrate the site out of the dev environment? What are the accepted best practices in this regard?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

-Kevin Mulligan

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just use relative links like:

[tiki-index.php?&page=XXX|my relative link]

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OK. Great. Thanks Luci.

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KMull, welcome to Tiki Community! :-)

Feel free to use and update the official documentation at:

(it's a community effort)

And I would suggest you to update the information at tw for smarties site, if you are allowed to... (or suggest the main author of that site to update it for you...)


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Thanks Xavi. I will definitely do both.

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The relative link may work for Wiki pages. However, what about linking to other pages such Forums ?((tiki-forums.php|Forums) doesn't work. Can anyone possibly help me?

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For forums, etc., you need to use the external link syntax, as luci also gave an example of, above: single brackets rather than double parentheses. They should still be a relative URL and not the full URL, something like [tiki-forums.php|Forums] so you don't need to be concerned about the domain and subdomain, etc.

-- Gary

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Thank you so much. That did it.