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Features / Usability

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If you are speaking about the parenthesis around the email. Check the documentation

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You must have your syntax wrong somewhere or you have other text that is being interpreted as Wiki markup when it shouldn't be (it would require "~np~" tags around it).

It'd be nice if we could see the source of the page/s somehow. Post a text attachment here perhaps?

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I think the syntax is correct - this is the second page I posted:

!Was ist Ultimate Frisbee?
Ultimate ist eine sehr schnelle laufintensive Mannschaftssportart, die sowohl im Freien als auch in der Halle gespielt werden kann. Körperkontakt zwischen den Spielern ist verboten, Fairness steht im Vordergrund. Männer und Frauen können zusammen in einem Team spielen.

{YOUTUBE(movie=CiWnbLf6P5k,width=>375,height=>250,quality=>high, allowFullScreen=y)}{YOUTUBE}
{YOUTUBE(movie=6wDvuBTj8Vk,width=>375,height=>250,quality=>high, allowFullScreen=y)}{YOUTUBE}

!Zehn einfache Regeln!
*Spirit of the Game
Ultimate betont die Sportlichkeit, Anstand und Fair-Play. Kämpferischer Einsatz wird zwar gefördert, darf aber niemals auf Kosten des Respekts vor dem Gegner, der Regeln und dem Spaß am Spielen gehen.

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Very peculiar, I can't reproduce the problem on Tiki 5.2. I took your code and pasted it into a new Wiki page and it worked just fine, no "BE}" anywhere. confused
I did note on your site the first "BE" doesn't actually have a closing curly brace which I find interesting, but it could be nothing (according to the code you pasted above, it's properly closed).

Have you done any customization of Tiki files? I'm not really sure why it's happening, perhaps someone else has some ideas.

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No, I didn't customize Tiki files.

Probably there is something wrong with the installation.

If I login, it looks like this:




thanks for your help!