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Making structure editable by registered users

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In tiki 5.0 I've set wiki global permissions so that registered users can create and edit structures. However, registered users still cannot edit a structure I created called Lists of Goodness. How can I make it so that registered users can edit the structure — such as add subcategories?
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First of all, whenever you change permissions it's a good idea to clear the Tiki caches (tiki-admin_system.php).

Second, permissions problems are often caused by conflicting permissions, so ensure there are no object permissions on the existing structure overriding global permissions. Similarly, ensure that no category permissions are overriding the global permissions if the structure is assigned to categories.

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And last, after trying Darkbee's suggestions, you could also try granting permissions to the homepage of the structure and it's child pages (tiki_p_edit_structures to the group you want).

It shouldn't be necessary (if you granted the permissions globally, and there are no local or categ perms), but just in case.... if this fixes the problem, then there is a bug in the code related to structures.


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I tried clearing the cash per DarkBee's suggestion, but the solution was this: on the root page of the structure, the permissions were set so that the registered group could not edit wiki pages. I guess that doesn't allow them to edit structures either. I changed that particular permission and now registered users can add children and siblings to the structure.

Thanks DarkBee and Xavi for your help.

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Hi brandanhadlock:
Could you check if the documentation about Structures is up to date in this aspect, and if not, update it accordingly, please?

Thanks for your help to keep the Documentation updated