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Admin Tracker - Relation with User

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I created an admin tracker in order to have more user information during registration (works great by the way).

You can create a wiki page to display the tracker information, but how do show the relationship of each of the tracker data with a specific user?

Such as the user ID or the user email address?
Or is the tracker info totally anonymous?

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I believe your tracker should have the User Selector field, such that only one tracker item gets created per user and thus each entry is associated with a particular user. You can make this field viewable by admin only to prevent users from messing with it.

Verify your tracker has this field and if not then you may have to adjust the current entries manually.

In addition if you permit it, then on each users' information page (where there other information gets displayed such as name, email and last login) registration tracker information should also be displayed here.

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Thank you, I didn't notice this option and it's exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks again!