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Group Menu Changed Suddenly

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I'm running into something strange with tikiwiki, and I am hoping someone here has an idea what could cause it (and perhaps how I can solve it).

I'm currently running Tikiwiki 5.1.

I have a wiki running with several groups (e.g. A-F) to identify people, and another set of groups to grant permissions (edit, view, comment) to people. The A-F groups inherit permissions from the edit, view, comment groups.

Yesterday one of the groups suddenly lost their edit menu on the left, while other groups that inherit from the same permission group did not.

Edit --> A: can't see the edit functions in the left-hand menu anymore.

Edit --> B: can still see the edit functions in the left hand menu.

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No idea about this mistery: did you check that your Permissions are still correctly set? (just a guess), and that no category or object permissions are interfering with global permissions?

Read the documentation about Permissions carefully, if you haven't done so already.

And you'd better upgrade to Tiki 5.3 at least (or latest from 5.x branch if any older), since some security issues have been fixed.
See Upgrade and ensure you follow the steps to fix the charset issue also to keep having safe and good Tiki usage!

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I read through the permissions again and understand how it works, our setup was functioning well before "something"? happenend. There were no changes by an admin. I am one of three admins and I checked with everyone as well as looked through the logs. It looks like somehow the group became corrupted.

When I created a group with the same settings and permissions the problem does not occur.

We're currently not using categories for permissions, so I don't think the problem can originate from there.

We're working on upgrading right now.

Thanks a lot for your response!