Googlemap plugin enhancements

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I've enhanced wikiplugin_googlemap.php and wikiplugin_googlemap.tpl as follows:
Support for specifying multiple items via:
All items must be of homogeneous type specified by locateitemtype.

Google map will now center and zoom to fit multiple markers if no default x,y,z are specified.

Example here:

These modifications were done to 6.2. I looked for information on submitting patches but couldn't find how to submit for that version. If anyone is interested I'll provide the code / diffs.


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I've also added support for the newer physical (terrain) map type:


Code that generates the Googlemap on that page:

{GOOGLEMAP(type=item, mode=physical, locateitemtype="wiki page", locateitemid="Big Bend Lookout Tower|Comers Rock Lookout|Cove Mountain Lookout Tower|Sand Mountain Lookout Tower|High Rock Lookout Tower|Walker Mountain Lookout Tower|Jones Knob Lookout Tower|Peaks Knob Lookout Tower", name=map1, width=500, height=400, frameborder=1, togglehidden=1, starthidden=0, autozoom=14)}{GOOGLEMAP}

marclaporte, I don't have time to setup CMS software, check out code, check it back in, etc. Perhaps some time in the future I'll have time to formally contribute. Again, if anyone wants my modified files then I'm happy to provide them, and if they want to take credit for the changes and commit them under their name, that's fine too.

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daneast wrote:
I've also added support for the newer physical (terrain) map type:


where do you put de coord of your tower?

do you have an url with more info about the "Plugin GoogleMap"?

I tried a map for the user and it work very well but I want to créate a map with our customer and I do not know how?

thank you in advance


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