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Custom Search/Results Page from Current Site

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I am new to TikiWiki and have started working with it to convert a current custom website done in all PHP to use the TikiWiki system. I have developed a custom module already to do some of what I want. Having trouble with one thing so far is all.

I have a current page here: http://www.mercsofwar.com/pages/auction/index.php

That page as you can see runs some custom SQL queries from a database and then populates the page with the corresponding data. If you search "by player" as an example for "Kamam" it again runs a custom query and shows some corresponding data.

My question is, how best to convert something like this into TikiWiki? Would it be a plugin or module or some sort of custom Wiki page?

Any suggestions for where to start?

I appreciate the help!

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Take a look at PluginSQL and links on that page

M ;-)