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Hi. I am implementing Tiki on an Intranet, and I have noticed Spanish translation is a bit incomplete. That's why I am making improvements to it, since most of my users only speak Spanish.

I'd like to share the improved translation with other people, so I have read many pages in the Tiki doc and dev sites, about SVN and patches. But I have not understood what are exactly the steps to give the updated translation to Tiki developers.

I have never used SVN. I could learn how to use this TortoiseSVN client, but I don't know how to get commit access. Neither I know if uploading the file "language.php" is enough.

Could anybody, please, tell me the easiest way to give the updated translation to the Tiki community? Thanks.

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Hi teamanx and welcome to Tiki Community! smile

The best way is that you get commit access. It's very easy. See here: Commit

And the best would be that you commit your improvements to es/language.php in branches Tiki7 AND proposals/6x, since 6x is the new LTS (Long Term Support) version.

Ask again if in doubt (here or in the Spanish forum, of course ;-)

Xavi (from Barcelona)

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I've been contributing here which, as I understand it, enables my translations to make their way into tiki code without me having to understand comit proceedures...


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