Possible to create translation with same page name?

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I'm creating a multilingual wiki with several different languages, whereby most of the page names are proper nouns, so untranslatable. Annoyingly, Tiki won't let me create a new page with the same name in another language. Is there any way around this?

I've been googling and peaking through the documentation + Smarties for quite some time without any luck, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I believe all page names must be unique.

If you're not going to translate the page name, you might consider simply appending the two-letter abbreviation to the end of the page name:

  • PAGE_NAME (Default)
  • PAGE_NAME, es (for Spanish)
  • PAGE_NAME, ja (for Japanese)
  • etc.


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... and you can strip out the appendage for display, of course, so that

  • PAGE_NAME, es

displays as


- there's a setting in the Wiki admin to do this where you can choose the character that separates the part of the page name to be stripped out.

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Maybe using Namespaces, you could do:


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