Translation for TiKi 9.x

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I am running TiKi 8.3
The dutch (NL) language file is somewhere in the 3000 lines.
The English (UK) language file is over 10,000 lines.

I do not want to translate that file when in a few weeks 9.x is out.

Then I rather start now on (or wait for) the 9.x language.php.

Is it already available... when yes, where do I get it.

When no, any calculated gues when?
And so, can I get a notification when it is available.

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I am not familiar with commit.

As I read it quickly.
I have to setup a developer version of tiki9.
And with a special script I can sent the differences..

Step 1. Where do I find the developer version?


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Ok, got it...

TiKi9 is installed
- latest language file copied into it

Downloaded and installed also:
- Absolute Telnet
- rubyinstaller
- Git
- Aptana Studio

Requested: shell access at my webhost (pending)

Forget anything?

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What is your SourceForge.net username?


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posts: 28 Netherlands

It is not an convient file format to translate.

I translated often lists like this.
The search & replace works great and afterwards you just correct the grammar and the words which occur not often.

In this file you have to leave the first part of the line as it is and only the part behind the => is to be translated.

So in this kind of file you have to click NEXT, REPLACE, NEXT, REPLACE.
You cannot click Replace all.

It is maybe an idea to change the setup.
That when a line is marked as comment then the corresponding linenumber is fetched from a second "default" file.
So, the file would be only 50% in size and faster tot translate.

Or am I doing something wrong?
or is there a trick to it?

BTW. I changed back to my familiar Notepad++
Latest version also includes FTP.
1st click to save, 2nd click to upload)
I think it is worth mentioned in the list of editors.

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I deleted my tiki subscription.
I deleted my sourceforce membership
I deleted all the SVN (and related) software.

It is all too complicated for me.
I have my hands full to translate around 10,000 lines.

I seem too made a total mess of it...
As I said before, I am no programmer and I do not like to mess things up.

I also think that all that commit stuff is a total overkill for updating a single translation file.

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Hi Zippohontas,
sorry to hear that you give up and leave :-(

If you would still like to contribute the language translations anyway (without the need to edit the language.php file and svn commit), you can try interactive translation on http://i18n.tiki.org


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