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Architecture / Installation

Database Compatability after upgrade

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I am currently running version 8.3 on my website and in the Admin section I get the message

Database Version Problem
Your database requires an update to match the current Tiki version. Please proceed to the installer. Using Tiki with an incorrect database version usually provokes errors. If you have shell (SSH) access, you can also use the following, on the command line, from the root of your Tiki installation: php installer/shell.php

I have re-run the installer a number of times in order to resolve this but I continue to get this message. Also, since having this problem? I have been having excessive resource usage difficulties with my web hosting service. Even a simple task like uploading a new wiki page to the site will push CPU usage to 100%. This is resulting in my site getting limited by the Web Host and producing access problems for my users.

Is the Database version problem contributing to the excess resource usage?

Does anyone have a solution to the Database Version problem or some suggestions?

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I just updated to v9 and I'm getting this too.

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What are the errors reported by the installer?

M ;-)

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I don't get an error in the installer. The error appears in the main admin page. Is it just misreporting it, or is it an error that can't be fixed by the installer and something else needs to be done?

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I also have the same problem, and I saw it on version 8.4 as well as now when trying to upgrade to 9.0. I have a production site where I presently run version 7.2. The reason why I am still using 7.2 is this annoying "Database version problem" warning. The procedure I use to port the production site database to the test site is to perform a database backup followed by a restore.

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I think I have found a likely reason for this "symptom".
After restoring the 7.2 version Database (as I described above), I follow the "shortcut link" at "Install/Upgrade step" in the installation script ("tiki-install.php"). After clicking on the button [Upgrade] under the heading "Automatically upgrade your existing database to v9.0", I get the following results:

  • "Your database has been configured and Tiki is ready to run! You can now log in into Tiki as user admin and start configuring the application."
  • "Upgrade operations executed successfully: 6633 SQL queries."
  • "Failed Operations failed: 1 SQL queries." followed by the link "Display details".

When clicking on the link "Display details" I get the following info:

  • "During an upgrade, it is normal to have SQL failures resulting with Table already exists messages."

There is a checkbox followed by "20110614_provider_authentication_tiki".

SQL syntax:
"CREATE TABLE `tiki_source_auth` ( `identifier` VARCHAR(50) PRIMARY KEY, `scheme` VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL, `domain` VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL, `path` VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL, `method` VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL, `arguments` TEXT NOT NULL, KEY `tiki_source_auth_ix` (`scheme`, `domain`) ) Table 'tiki_source_auth' already exists"

"If you think that the errors of a patch can be ignored, please check the checkbox associated to it before clicking on continue."

The last sentence is the important step that I overlooked earlier. This "tiny little action" during the Database upgrade seems to have cured the symptom/error "Database Version Problem - Your database requires an update to match..." shown on the main admin page.

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Ah yes, you're right. Ok, it's been a while since I've done it, so I forgot about this. I get a similar error when I do the upgrade, but I get this:

" 20110904_shoutbox_def_tweetid_tiki"
"ALTER TABLE tiki_shoutbox modify tweetId BIGINT(20) UNSIGNED NOT NULL default 0
Unknown column 'tweetId' in 'tiki_shoutbox'"

So the question becomes, should I check this or not? I didn't check it because since I don't know what the error is, I don't think that it can be ignored. I mean, if all I'm going to lose is my ability to link my shoutbox to Twitter or something, then that's fine. But I have recently noticed that my FAQs are no longer working (since the upgrade) and I'm worried that it may be related to this. If it isn't, I'll ask about it in a different thread.

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The best solution is of course to get an adequate answer from the guys who coded Tiki Wiki and the upgrade script. However, the second best solution could be to try on a "test instance" of your site, i.e. not on your production site. Personally, I have a second instance/installation for testing purpose, and I duplicate the production database onto the test site by MySQLdumper.

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