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Architecture / Installation

is 128Mb memory really an issue?

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Hi - I am very new to all this and not a programmer. I installed tiki v10.0 and have been experimenting. It's great. I set up a site on one domain to get it working; I then got a domain with the name I wanted and my host provider copied one to the other. So I have one test and one live site.

On the test site I upgraded from 10.0 to 10.1. I got a warning message, saying it needed 128Mb of memory to run; I only have 96Mb.

My host provider, SiteGround, wants to charge a fortune for a host with 128Mb. On the test site I did the upgrade anyway and got no error messages.

Should I worry? Will it really work ok with only 96Mb or might there be hidden glitches? Is it worth risking it with the live site or should I look for another host provider?

Many thanks in anticipation.

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It is going to depend on how much traffic your site receives, which Tiki options you've enabled, what modules you're using, etc.

Have you tried simply adding a new php.ini file (specifying 256M) to your Tiki directory. Most web hosts (at least the ones I use) allow you to have directory-specific files that will override the base settings.


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Thank you Rick. From the admin menu phpinfo option I could see, in the first table of information:

Loaded configuration file - set to "/usr/local/php53/lib/php.ini "

I created a new php.ini file with the contents "memory_limit=128M"

From phpinfo I now see
Loaded configuration file - set to "/home/myloginname/public_html/php.ini"

Both before and after, phpinfo is showing
Configuration File (php.ini) Path - as
"/usr/local/php53/lib". I can't see that directory.

Further down the phpinfo, there's a table with headings Directive, Local Value and Master Value

For Directive memory_limit, local value is shown as 128M and master value is shown as 96M

That last entry did not change after I created my new php.ini file. As per my original post, I am very new to this and I'm not a programmer.

Am I right in thinking that despite creating that php.ini file, my host provider has over-ridden it with it's own in "/usr/local/php53/lib"?

If so, thank you again Rick - also for your telling me that memory size is a factor in high traffic sites, depending on features chosen. It's a very low traffic site.

One more question. Will it be obvious if my selection of features causes a problem, e.g. a failure with a dump of error messages? Or will I just find features not working as expected?

I've already had the latter, eg using plugins faithfully copied from the documentation or features from the (brilliantly helpful, thank you) Tiki for Smarties - I don't get the expected results.

If the impact is subtle, rather than an obvious error message, it sounds like I should experiment with a different hosting provider.

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The default memory limit in PHP 5.3 is 128M, so that's why we recommend it:

If it works, just use it.

Activate Module loadstats to see how much memory is currently being used.

If you suspect issues, just check with demo.tiki.org to compare against normal behavior.

Missing content and blank pages are things to watch for.

Best regards,

M ;-)

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Using that loadstats module I've found memory usage running substantially below my 96M limit – usually 30M to 50M (although the site has little traffic at the moment).
I’ll keep that module visible and observe it when I add features (I’ll also need to look at demo.tiki.org and the forums regarding unexpected results rather than assuming they are my fault).
Thank you for this. An even bigger thank you to you and everyone else who is making this happen. Wiki (and particularly Tiki) is phenomenal in opening up the possibilities for collaboration, creativity and voice. You're helping people move democracy to a whole new level.