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Architecture / Installation

Shifting to New Server Problem with Files

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I am in the process of shifting my operational site to a new server and new account / domain.

Everything is running fine except that all of my files in the galleries are corrupted.

Files were saved in a directory and I simply shifted them to the new site by FTP.
The files are there etc but when viewed in an article or when downloaded they are corrupt.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong please?


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Should I be maybe transferring the files to the database
before importing that into the new database?

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Note the existing installation is V10.0 and the new installation V10.2

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Maybe different encodings in the database or tables?
This is a tricky part.

Double check with your sys admins the encodings in your former and new db.

See examples of issues with encodings (and how to play with them) for instance here:

(even if you might not be able to apply those steps in a recipe-way for your case, since it might be different).

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hi there Xavi

Thanks for your input.
I don't think it's the encoding. I have looked at that fairly carefully and everything else looks ok.... characters in articles etc. I could be wrong though, the encoding thing is a bit complex :-)

But I think it's to do with how the pictures are stored.
When they are uploaded the file name is replaced with what I guess is called a hash sequence? They don't seen to have extensions?
I have been FTPing from the old site to my computer and then FTPing up to the new site.

New pictures uploaded directly work correctly as before.

The files FTPed from the old site to my computer
don't load correctly either on my computer initially but after converting as per a msg from my graphics programme they get a jpg extension and load correctly.

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OS? if using Mac or GNU/Linux I suggest that you double check file permissions.

Otherwise, you can play with the settings in the latest 10.x regarding the file extensions.

The encoding, if different between the 2 sites at mysql collation, db, table or content level might be interfering

Otherwise, no more clues.

The files are stored as hash-based names, with no extension, that's true (that's the default behavior, and it usually works well with no problems).

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hi there Xavi

Ok thanks. I am using Windows 7 at this end.

Ok I will compare all the settings again tomorrow when I am fresh :-)

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Hi there Xavi

I have tracked down the problem.

I needed to set the transfer type to Binary in my ftp programme. It was set to Auto which obviously defaulted to Ascii hence corrupting the graphics and pdf files.