Tiki and PluginR

Tiki and PluginR

Interactivity in pluginR : readLines() and prompt for data

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Is there any possibility to give the users the opportunity to pass information to the R plugin before it launches the request ?

R can do this with readLines() and al.

But what about implementing a prompt in pluginR to be able to refresh the pages giving a special value ?

For instance, per default it shows a global graph, like all answers to a survey for all countries. But then after the graph you have a prompt that asks you to enter text characters in order to do a subset, for instance per country. The user enters the text, clicks a button to send the request, and then the page reloads but with the subsetted data.

The motivation of this is to enable anonymous users to interact with the data without further shiny or d3 implementation.

Do you think this would be possible ?