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Custom tool icon

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I'm having trouble specifying the icon for a custom tool.

I am using 12.3svn

I found a little help on Tiki for Smarties
.....By default, Tiki uses images in the ../pics/icons/.. directory.

But I do not know the starting folder (for ../).

(note: Forgive me if the paths below are not quite right - I am at work on lunch break as I right this, and our server is preventing me from getting to the host to browse files. I'll update later in the day.)

I found "images" under public_html\styles\strasa
I found "pics" under public_html\styles\strasa\options\mono (from which my option derives)
I I found "pics" under public_html\styles\strasa\options\hrsms (my option)

I placed my icon in all three places, but it still shows as a missing image.

For the icon field I tried

In both cases is shows as a missing picture on the "admin toolbar" page.
If editing a wiki page using WYSIWIG, there is nothing.
If editing a wiki page using wiki view there is a question mark with a mouseover popup that says "Error: directory '' not allowed by security setting"



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It works when I do not include the leading ../

which makes sense, since the script is in and the icons are /img/icons

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Correction.  The icon is visible in "admin toolbars", but there is still nothing when editing a wiki page in WYSIWIG mode.  Is this supposed to work?

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Ahh... You're using WYSIWYG. Tiki uses the CKEditor for WYSIWYG and I'm not sure if you can customize the toolbar from within Tiki. You may need to modify CKEditor directly. See the informaiton in your Tiki at: ../vendor/ckeditor/ckeditor/samples/index.html for details.

Someone else may know better than I, regarding WYSIWYG customizations....



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