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Architecture / Installation

Fatal error

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I'm new here and just installing Tiki at: http://www.combedown.org/tiki-install.php - which will be a local history site - using an account with http://www.inmotionhosting.com/

I am using 13.1 as I want to use the Readable theme: http://themes.tiki.org/Readable

I am familiar with basic html and css, and can just about set up a database, but I have mo knowledge (yet :-) ) of php.

Unfortunately, having resolved a number of issues whilst trying to install I have hit a block and get the error message below, which......

Any advice or help is appreciated.


Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'InvalidArgumentException' with message 'The file "tiki.xml" does not exist (in: /home/combed5/public_htmllocalhost).' in /home/combed5/public_html/vendor/symfony/config/Symfony/Component/Config/FileLocator.php:72 Stack trace: #0 /home/combed5/public_html/vendor/symfony/dependency-injection/Symfony/Component/DependencyInjection/Loader/XmlFileLoader.php(40): Symfony\Component\Config\FileLocator->locate('tiki.xml') #1 /home/combed5/public_html/lib/init/initlib.php(67): Symfony\Component\DependencyInjectionloader\XmlFileLoader->load('tiki.xml') #2 /home/combed5/public_html/lib/tikilib.php(57): TikiInit
getContainer() #3 /home/combed5/public_html/lib/init/smarty.php(448): TikiLib
lib('tiki') #4 /home/combed5/public_html/lib/init/smarty.php(132): Smarty_Tiki->initializePaths() #5 /home/combed5/public_html/lib/init/smarty.php(499): Smarty_Tiki->Smarty_Tiki('') #6 /home/combed5/public_html/installer/tiki-installer.php(81): require_once('/home/combed5/p...') #7 /home/combed5/public_html/tiki-ins in /home/combed5/public_html/vendor/symfony/config/Symfony/Component/Config/FileLocator.php on line 72


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Hi Richard,


What version of PHP do you have do you think? Tiki 13+ needs PHP version 5.5 or better and a lot of hosting companies are slow to update, so that's an easy thing to check first.

The error message looks like it's not looking in the right place - the file it's after is db/config/tiki.xml which i'm guessing should be there for you? Is it? If not maybe the zip or whatever got corrupted or something.

If you're still stuck join us on IRC and people there will probably come up with other suggestions of things to try.




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Thanks for the reply Jonny.

I saw that 13+ needs PHP5.5 and inmotion upgraded the hosting for me.

I have looked for db/config/tiki.xml - which is definitely there, so now I'm even more confused!

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So nothing easy then smile

It seems it's trying to find that file in /home/combed5/public_htmllocalhost so somewhere the internal host name (localhost) is getting used as the path to that file, but the path for that (set in lib/init/initlib.php:65) so should be

TIKI_PATH . '/db/config'

Most mysterious - was this installed from a zip of from svn? (zip i guess) And do you have shell access on that server? (i'd guess not).

Again, i suggest you join us on IRC as others may have better suggestions?

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OK I am going to give up on this software and use something that actually works.

After several days I have eventually got to:  Set the Database Connection and now get:

Tiki cannot find a database connection. This is normal for a new installation.

Image  Database `combed5_tiki3742` creation failed. You need to create the database.

As I've done it over 10 times with new databases and tried the manual install and it still does not work, so I give up.

I'm no expert but I have installed a number of packages from WordPress to osCommerce to phpBB to a range of others.

Never have I had these sorts of issues.

You get a fail TikiWiki

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