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Admining edited content and links from main page.


I've just set up a profile for a wiki and am getting to grips with this software.

I have 2 questions. Can I set it up so that when a page is edited, the edit doesn't go live until an admin has checked it over?

Also, how can I link to the installed test pages from the home page of the profile wiki. At the moment non registered users just see the main page and have no way of getting to the other included test pages.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi wonkywiki,

what do you exactly mean with "... how can I link to the installed test pages from the home page of the profile wiki ..." ?

Do not take it wrong, we just need to mutually clarify some wording for more efficient help - as you are Newbie, you might mixing up terms or structures and I am convinced, that it is utmost helpful for you to negotiate (or train) the right wording from start.

Please explain in few non-Tiki words what you exactly want to achieve - which effect you want to see on the website?

I try this way: "... how can I link to the installed test pages from the home page of the profile wiki ..."

You can link to any existing object (including wiki pages) from nearly any textarea or textfield, meaning set links in wiki pages (including HomePage) or in articles, in froum posts, internal message et cetera et cetera.

See here: WikiSyntax especially here: Wiki-Syntax+Links.

Obviously you need to know the type and name of the object you want to link to, eg.: file or gallery or tracker plus Id number or te wiki page name. Then use the wiki syntax to actually write the link.


wonkywiki, to your first question:

you can use categories and you can use "Revision Control", which you can access in tiki-admin.php?page=wiki - it is I guess the third tab.


Thank you very much for your quick and helpful replies. Please excuse my lack of proper terms and structures, I hope to improve this as I find my way around this software as well as spending time on these forums.

This was just what I needed and allowed me to do what I wanted.


No problem with the terms and structures - we will help you on that.

I am happy that I could help you.

Welcome in the community,

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