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Wiki Pages as tracker items

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I have been searching for a solution to my current problem and have come up with a few topic areas, although I am not where I want to be.

My goal in simple terms is:
Create a new wiki pages populated with the information entered in a "form" tracker. Wiki page title as tracker item title and information layer out respectfully.

I have looked into data channels, pretty trackers, and page selectors and I feel like I am close to my solution.

Again the goal is simply to create a page when a form(tracker) is populated, and have the new page display tracker form information. Every time I fill out the form, I want a new page created that reflects the form information.

All insight help!

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 Hi Avocadocommander,

so you want to let the tracker populate itself in a wikipage on creation. That might be possible, hence I do not understand the sense behind it.

Ok, there might be use cases, that you need the tracker display plus extra information. But generally speaking I would prefer to stay with trackers and populate the extra information in the tracker iten itself.

Why you do not go the route to use templates to let the tracker items display the way you want?

So I stop that now, as it does not help you.

Hmm I would have to figure out myself -no time theses days for that. But I am thinking, that there is indeed some functionality to create pages on tracker item creation. Still there would be some kind of template needed, that contains the structure of the wiki page and there must be some kind of "hoock", a bridge to pass the tracker item Id to the page.

No idea right now, but I think, I have read something like that recently and maybe we just would have to bring certain existing things together of which we do simply not realise that they fit together.

Maybe it would be helpful, if you could decribe your use case a bit more in detail, for that we understand better why you need that this way and use cases often give some enlightenment and creative thoughts.

Best regards,

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Hi Torsten,

Thank you for the response. 

I may have not explained well enough what exactally I am looking for. I have used a fancy wiki to duplicate a similar display as this form:


What I am looking to do from here is create a new wiki page that displays every individual tracker item that is created. In terms of the example above,  what I would be looking to do is popilate a tracker item with site visitor info, like shown, then simply on creation of the tracker item create a new individual wiki page that displays each individule tracker item in SITE VISITOR tracker.

There is a document that show what I have done so far in the fancy tracker and page selector at the botom of this page: https://doc.tiki.org/Pretty+Tracker

The only difference from what is going on in the doc above and what I want is that I want a new wiki page for every single tracker ITEM created NOT tracker, but tracker item.

I feel like I am missing a silly step or short of some logical thinking, but I know I am almost there. 

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 Did I get that right?

You want to count the visitors and for that create a new page per visitor?

Or do you want to autocreate a userpage on registration, but add the ... oh no, you want the individual tracker item on that page.

Hummmm I still do not get, what you want to display on the wikipage. The tracker item can be displayed by itself.

I am starting to get some ideas where your functionality might indeed be useful or necessary, but I do not yet get, for what you specifically want to use it.

Guess it might be helpful to understand you better.

Maybe you want to describe a use case based exampe workflow, including some information what the wiki page would be used for later, what you cannot do with the tracker, whilst the item information needs to be visible on the page ...

... I can imagine some kind of customer information, a customer contact data sheet or so.

Up to now I only get the information from you that you want to autocreate a wikipage on tracker item creation with the purpose to display the tracker item. There is no reason to do so, when the use case is only displaying tracker items.

I try to express how I understand the explanation.

You have a car, using gas, which is a good car, just te petrol tank is empty. The car is very comfortable and so on.
You have a truck, using diesel. Very good thing and your truck is big enough to even transport your car.

What I understand from your use case is now, that you want to put the the car on the truck and try to figure out how to make it possible to drive the truck from inside the comfortable car.

I'd say, get some gas. Or upgrade the truck to have it mor comfortable.
For both vehicles there are good use cases and even the use case to transport the car with the truck. Just this specific one still makes no sense to me.

Sooorry I'd relly like to understand and to contribute something to a solution for you.


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So I am creating pages of people using forms. A user or guest will come on the wiki, go to where it says form then fill out information about themself. I have three things currently, all seperate wiki pages:

  1. A Form that populates a tracker item in PEOPLE tracker
  2. A template that tells the Tracker where to put the variables
  3. A display page that populates the tracker variables with the real person info.

What I am looking to change is instread of having a page display each tracker, is create a new page every time a person is submitted from the form, and displays the persons information.


I am not 100% sold on this idea, and if there is a better way to do it, im open for ideas.

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I think, I understand.

It is kind of a user page.

A user page can easily be found by the user name, but not by a tracker item Id - so this might make sense.

You have a template for the form (wiki page with plugin tracker plus pretty tracker template or so) and you have a template for the display of the new page.

You want to display not all items of the tracker (so all users data one after the other), but only the specific one.

Right so far?

I guess you want to use the trackerlist plugin.
The trackerlist plugin must be in kind of a content template, kind of prefilled contant on page creation and the trackerlist plugin there has a parameter wiki="templatepage", which points to the wiki page you use as template, which cares about the display regarding the user data.

At the point when you have solved that the tracker form creates a wikipage, that contains a trackerlist plugin with trackerId=X, we need to figure out the appropriate parameter or setup, that you can limit the trackerlist display to the specific owner of the created user page.

Lets say usertracker Id = 2 and a user named "Peter" registers.

Your tracker form creates item 378 in tracker 2 and a wikipage "user:peter" (or so).

The wikipage contains a trackerlistplugin like that:

{trackerlist trackerId=2 ... bla bla ... wiki="tpl_usertracker_in_userpage"}

where tpl_usertracker_in_userpage is the name of the template wiki page.

The tracker form must pass a parameter to the wiki page into the trackerlist plugin that limits to Peter

Hmmm something like:

{trackerlist trackerId=2 ... $user ... blabla ... wiki="tpl_usertracker_in_userpage"}

But this $user must be replaced by a "fixed identifier", that is understood by the trackerlist plugin.
You do not want, that every user displays the user date of the user which views the page (so see your own data on all user pages of other users makes no sense).
Instead you want, that after the wiki page is created, the wiki page shows the data of the owner of the page - ex. Peters data on the page user:peter .


I think that could work with category, when you create a category for every user on registration or so. Just one simple idea.
Maybe Jonny might have an idea what to pass.

There might be some parameter in the docs PluginTrackerlist which could point us to the right parameter we could use - not necessarily categories, as this would cause extra management requirements.

I guess we need 3 templates:
1. template to display the form
2. template for creation of the wikipage content including the trackerlist plugin and the user filter / user identifier, which limits the display to the one specific tracker item
3. template to display the user data once the wiki page is created

I have to go now, but I will be thinking about that the next hours (or days) and i'll look into the docs aswell and to my own tracker use cases. Together we might get there soon. And now I think this makes sens. Maybe I can use that for a project aswell some time.

Looking forward to ideas of other community members.


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 Just thinking about the "exactvalue" parameter ...
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Yes Torsten, We are on the same page. I will also continue my search on this topic and will reply when I have found anything useful. As stated earlier, these may be some areas of interest.

  • Data Channel
  • Tracker page selector

Thanks for the insight.