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Features / Usability

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Hi John,

The Bootstrap navbar and Tiki's "tradtional" site header are pretty far apart in terms of origins, expectations, and code. The Bootstrap navbar is made with a "mobile first" approach, so it collapses nicely in a small device's display. Tiki's header comes from the desktop pc world and making it work in mobile views is still work in progress.

If you want the best mobile display, I recommend the "social networking" layout template choice on the Look & Feel admin page. The top part of this is pretty close to the Bootstrap original layout. You don't need to code anything special; it's all in the .tpl file already. I think it also uses the top_modules module zone so anything added there will show up in the site header. But then, it looks like a typical Bootstrap site.

If you want a look like the one on info.tiki.org, that can be achieved with the other layout templates - probably except for the Bootstrap default (basic) template. The downside of these templates is that they don't collapse so neatly in small displays (yet). We still need to work out the best module configuration, etc. for this.

There isn't a "secondary site menu" any more, which info.tiki.org uses at the very page top. This would have to be made using a module positioned horizontally up there. Putting the modules in the site header is a bit of a shapes-puzzle involving CSS widths and position in the loading sequence.

Until some documentation gets written, if you give more details about what you want at the top of the page, I can give more information.

-- Gary

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Thanks a million for the information Gary!

What I was trying to accomplish is to put the side menu at the top in a horizontal nav bar. I like the way Tiki main page has it, when you mouseover the drop downs fly out, or down.

I tried my hand at the horizontal nav bar coding as I linked to above, but to recreate one that contains what the side menu does, thus replacing the side menu seemed pretty darn laborious.

I can wait for the documentation to be written on this, I know the Tiki gurus have a ton of stuff on their plate, when it happens I am sure it will be cool

Thanks again for your reply, I truly do appreciate the time.

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Two years later and I can't find anything that looks like Social Networking option in Tiki 15.2.

I use the menu module, but would prefer a bootstrap method to be more mobile friendly.

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Doug, in all the themes the menu's are mobile friendly at this point. Can you explain further the issues you are seeing?