Tiki 14 hard coded styles throughout default bootstrap theme?

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I'm working with CSS, but find that the styles are over-ridden by hard coded style information. I am trying to format a class called noteclassic. Chrome inspect element shows me :

Some key points:

Where is this hard-coded style information coming from? It over-rides anything I try to apply to noteclassic in the CSS.

Any help will be appreciated!

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Sorry dhigby,

what does the Chrome inspect element show? I can see nothing in your post.

You can always try override with stronger rule or by adding !important after your CSS value (before the ";").



Hello dhigby,

the amount of informatin you provide is very limited, so I doubt we can help ypu unless you provide us more information.

Example: wich Tiki version you are using:

From Tik12 to Tiki14 we changed the layout and style system from a Tiki unique (classic) system to Twitters Bootstap framework.

Even you still could overwrite CSS with Bootstrap, it semms much more efficient to work out with the LESS pre-compiler language.

Only if you have to change a limited number of CSS selector for one single theme, you might want to stick to CSS overwriting.

Generally the CSS selectors are defined in the Smarty templates and the values are defined in the CSS files.

There are some external features integrated which are mostly based on JavaScript (like the tablesorter for example). Some of those features have their own CSS or even some hardcoded stuff => you would find such stuff in the /vendor folder of the Tiki installation. But this would be the very last spot to send you for research.

Old Tiki classic system

/templates folder and subfolders
Basic layout file (firste tmplate to load):
/templates/layout or
Custom templates:
Stylesheets for theme options:

New Tiki Bootstrap system

/templates folder and subfolders
Basic layout file (first tmplate to load)
and global custom layout:
Theme specific custom templates:
/themes/themename/templates/layoutname.tpl (ex: layout_view.tpl)
Stylesheet for theme:
Stylesheet for option:
CSS Tiki specific base files:
Less base files (if you want to customise the CSS with a Less precompiler):
/themes/base_files/less (for Tiki selectors)
/vendors/Twitter/Bootstrap/less (for standart bootstrap)
/themes/themename/less (for theme specific changes - necessary files can be copied from the two above directories and then changed (@include references in the relevant less files need to be changed)

There is some more info to give and I am thinking about writing a documentation, mainly for the LESS part.

Hope that helped so far.

For us would be helpful at least:

  • Which Tiki version ?
  • Which feature - where you find .noteclassic ?
  • What actually says your Chrome inspect (you did not mention) ?