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Is there an admin feature that shows all queued posts/topics in one listing? It seems each forum needs to be visited to check for queued posts/topics.

I am afraid, that there is no such feature in Forus, but you could use the module "new Forum Posts" in a wiki page and try out if that would meet your requirements.

See here: PluginModule

Additinally you can get notifications of new frum posts.

As I use both, I do not the need for a dedicated forum funtionality for queued posts.

There are more advanced features in Tiki like "Unified Ssearch" and "Plugin List", which might be feasible to realise such a functionaliy to your needs by configuration. Yet these features need advanced and specific knowledge.

Hope that helps,



Hi Torsten,

I am already using the modules "since_last_visit_new" and also "forums_last_posts" in a side column but queued topics/posts don't show in those either. So I don't think these will be of any help to me.


Maybe I'm missing something?

In mytiki -> "watches", I don't see a watch for forum topics or posts, but I do see a "monitor  topics" and a "monitor  topics and threads" though on each forum, which I've set to monitor. However, I don't receive any notifications for topics or posts that are queued. I do receive notifications for normal posts/topics though.


Hi Sholzy,

are you talking about a moderated forum and "queued" posts refer to posts, that need validation by a moderator?

I haven't been coming across this issue, buit seems very logical to me, that you need some kind of central listing for these queued posts (if I understood right now) with the effect, that checking all individual forums eill be avoided and pain relieved.

Did I get the picture right now?






Yes! Is there such a thing?


It would be nice to receive a mail saying you have a new queued topic/post. Then upon logging in, be presented with a list of the forums containing the queued topics/posts.  Maybe in a future version...??



You could check out the bug-and-wish list on dev.tiki.org, if you find any talks or requests abut this functonality.

If not found, then you could ask in the developer mailing list, if somebody knew and could point you how to setup.

Finally you can submit a wish for that the chances arise, to get this into a new version.

I do not see really much sense in a notification abot a new queued post, as depending on your setup at the first place there would not likely a difference between new and new queued - errr , sure it would be if different user/grou permissions, when some users are allowed to autovalidate and others need to be moderated.

Hummm maybe you simply missed a setting up of a moderators group and you did not set a moderators eMail or a user/group name for the moderators notification. You should definitely recheck the configuration, if you possibly missed something.





Thanks Torsten, for the suggestions.

I will recheck the configs, and possibly pursue your other suggestions on the dev tiki.

Thanks again, Torsten, for all the help you've given me (this thread, and previous topics).


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