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Hi Jeff,
you are bad to complain about Tiki!
OK, it was just a joke razz
I just wanted to confirm that james is right, Tiki is just too young to avoid getting such feedback. When you learn a bit about project's history, you'll see that a single man did most of the job during the first 6-7 months of the project (Luis Argerich). This changed now, fortunately. This very Tiki-based website didn't appear before july.

FAQs are totally unmaintained and messy. Forums area lost their administrator since monthes. I'll probably ask mose for administrator right here to fix that. A simple "How do I.." forum doesn'T exist neither although we already take those How do I qestions here and in Features/Usability. I'll ask mose if he agrees to create one, I think the time has come. The documentation can also do much better. Currently it's split between this site, doc.tw.o and the 1.6 PDF document (just a bit there).
You can already help about this documentation part. It will necessarily take time.

In the meantime, you can still learn. The hidden key there is our IRC channel #tikiwiki which probably kept the project from dying when Luis Argerich stopped to massively code. You'll always find 30 to 40 people there (although many are AFK). I estimate that about half of Tiki community communications happen there.

See you at #tikiwiki (and hopefully in the team wink )